We Were Not Able to Help

Both this blog and our petition have not been able to gather enough attention towards bird collisions. This blog has received abysmal views, not even breaking 10 views. Our petition was only able to gather 39 signatures, which was also miserable. We weren’t able to get anywhere with this blog, goodbye.

another (dank) meme!

Irony memes are cringe. We do not make any, any, irony memes. We only make dank memes, and this dank meme will be so dank you will laugh your pants off.

This funny bird meme is extremely funny because it is the dankest of all the dank memes. Spiral notebooks


Over the course of 20 days, we have only got 14 views, inconsistently. Our multimedia projects have made no progress, with the exception of Ononto’s which got 5 total views. We have only got about 2 more signatures over the course of a month. But we are still hopeful. Please give us your help and sign the petition today.